Shoe shopping is one of the most serene activities there is, it is the cure for all that ails you.  When it comes to retail therapy, few things will add pep to your step like buying a new pair of shoes.  Whether you’re having a bad day that needs a breath of positivity or you want to make a great day even better, a new pair of shoes is the way to go.  As you browse for footwear that will ignite your next big shoe love affair, there are a number of things to consider before making a purchase.


Your new pair of shoes are an investment.  They need to look great, they need to be comfortable and they need to last…after all, how else are you going to justify your new purchase to your partner when your next credit card statement comes in?  With regards to quality, however, not all shoes are created equal.


Leather or Synthetics, What’s the Difference?


There are a number of different materials that shoes are manufactured from and all of them play a part in how long a new pair of shoes is going to last.  When comparing synthetic materials such as vinyl with natural materials such as leather, it really isn’t much of a contest.  Shoe manufacturers have been using leathers for centuries because it’s just better.  Leather lasts longer, holds it’s shape and doesn’t wear as easily as synthetic materials.  Leather is also repairable, so if you’re particularly hard on shoes, all is not lost if you tear your favourite footwear.


Now that you’ve decided against purchasing a pair of shoes made from synthetic materials, choosing between the different leathers that are available can be daunting.  Shoes are available in everything from the soft and supple leather of a kangaroo to the armor-like leather of the saltwater croc!  With a wide spectrum of leathers available, how do you choose the best shoe for you?  Cow leather is the way to go.


More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Leather Shoes


In shoe manufacturing, leathers are purchased from a tannery and are graded from 1-3, with 1 being the highest grade leather and 3 being the lowest.  There are sub-grades within each grade of leather as well that range from 1-5 with 1 being the highest and 5 being the lowest.  For the most part, leather shoes are made from a combination of high quality and lower quality leathers, this is what makes the shoes affordable and durable.  In manufacturing of finer quality shoes, the higher quality leathers are used for more visible parts of the shoe .


For example, the toe of a shoe is typically the part that goes through the most wear and tear and will sustain the most damage over time.  For this reason, the smoothest and most taut leather is used for the toe of the shoe.  The sides and arches of the upper part of a shoe typically do not wear out that quickly, so softer and slight creased leather is ideal for the portion of the shoe.


All of the different leathers used in shoe manufacturing come together to create an attractive and durable shoe that will last you a long time.


Kuoco Shoes Epitomize Quality


The Kuoco Shoe difference is so much more than versatility.  All of our shoes are made right here in Australia with the finest leather from local tanneries.  We have gone out of our way to source the best leather and combined it with killer craftsmanship to create shoe components that will offer you durability as well as limitless and multifaceted footwear styles.