“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.”  Marilyn Monroe said that, and most days, I can’t help but think that it’s true.


Every day, I wake up, slide my feet into a worn out pair of thongs and go about a morning routine that involves getting lunches ready for the entire family and taking the dog for a walk.  From there, I shower, put on my power suit and slip on the comfiest pair of shoes that I can get away with while still being “business casual”.  I drive to work, go about my business, get things done and finally head home at the end of a long day.  I walk in the door, and after a day of working for other people, I’m rewarded with a little “me time”.  I can’t think of a better way to unwind than to dance the night away with my closest girlfriends.  I put on a slinky dress, slip my feet into some flirty heels, and I can’t help but think about my feet and all of the things that we go through together on a daily basis.


A Pair of Shoes for Every Occasion


People talk about the many different “hats” that women wear as a euphemism for the different roles that we play on a daily basis – for each hat we put on, we play a different part.  I think a more apt metaphor would be to talk about all the different shoes that we wear as we go from the high flying professional to the fun and flirty diva on the dance floor, and everything else that we are every day. I only own one or two hats, but my shoe collection is out of control.


Like a lot of women, I am a slave to fashion. I succumb to all the latest trends which means I own an outfit for almost any occasion, yet still find myself standing in front of my closet complaining about how I have nothing to wear.  So I shop and I shop, and with every new outfit, I need a pair of shoes to match.  The entire process is time consuming and costly.  In an already complicated life, the idea of putting my best foot forward, and wearing the right outfit and shoe while I’m doing it, seems daunting.


There must be a way to declutter my closet, save myself some money and simplify the daily grind that my feet and I go through.


Introducing the Kuoco Shoe


Kuoco Shoes are a completely different footwear concept that will revolutionize the way that you wear shoes.  Now, instead of investing in a single pair of shoes, you can choose from different shoe components that all work with each other to create multiple design possibilities that are as limitless as your imagination.  With Kuoco Brand Shoes, you can take the same shoe from a comfortable flat to a dressier low heal, or start your day with a plain shoe top, add a few buttons and have a dressy shoe fit for fancier occasions.


With Kuoco Brand Shoes you will no longer need a different pair of shoes to go with every outfit.  Instead, using Kuoco Shoe components, you will be able to mix and match to create unique footwear that matches your outfit and is perfect for every occasion.


On top of the versatility that Kuoco Shoes will add to your life, these shoes offer you unparalleled quality and value.  Unlike most shoes, Kuoco Shoes are designed and manufactured right here in Australia and each shoe component is created with the highest standards of craftsmanship.  All of this comes together to make a top-quality and versatile shoe that is as distinctly unique as you are.


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