Hey everyone! I’m so excited to share with you a brand new concept for shoes that you’ve probably never heard before. Have you ever wished you can change the colour and design of your shoe instantly? Have you ever felt bored of your pair of shoes, but don’t want to afford another pair so soon? I have found an amazing shoe brand that gives you the power to change your shoes- literally- at will! Kuoco (http://www.kuoco.com.au) is an Australian brand which sells leather sandals, giving you the ability to simply select from a range of Soles, Tops and Buttons, to mix and match and ultimately create an endless combination of shoe styles and colours.

The Kuoco shoe is so easy to use and so novel, because once you purchase the soles, you can instantly spice it up with different buckles, straps and more. The straps come in so many different designs, such as zebra stripes, gold straps, silver jazzy styles and more. The buckles, which can be attached at the front, also comes in all shapes and sizes. I love the flower ones that I got, as well as the shiny black jewels that I got with my pair of brown leather shoes.

The shoe straps are attached in the sides using buckles, which are snap-ons. They are super easy to use, and I totally love how easy it is to change your shoe’s look and design with a few simple moves. I can’t believe that no one has thought about this concept of interchangeable shoes before! It is totally every girl’s dream to be able to customise their shoes at will. It comes with an original brown strap which can be unbuckled.

I showed you guys two more designs that I made using my Kuoco Shoe set, and as you can see it completely changed the look of my sandals. I love the zebra stripes and also the golden straps in the pictures below.

As for the quality, I am very happy to say that they are every bit as genuine and comfortable as their website claims. The leather is high quality and soft, and also tough at the same time. So far, I’ve worn it to school and there are no problems with the straps or the buckles. It is far from a flimsy or cheap product- it is similar to a pair of high-street sandals, except much more fun and cool! I received so many compliments wearing these.

The front buckle is really the highlight of the shoe. It gives the Kuoco leather sandals an extra bling and is so pretty! It’s so easy to take off and change- you can see it comes with screws so all I had to do was give it a twist and it’s off. Kuoco’s motto is ‘Shoes Your Style’. Elegant and sophisticated or dressy but casual, this shoe really is my new wardrobe staple.

With a small number of Soles, Tops and Buttons you have the ability to get creative. What do you think of my new pair of wonder-shoes? Don’t forget to check out their site to try these lovely shoes out, I promise they’re worth every penny!