It all starts with a
bit of sole searching…

1. Find your sole partner…


Choose your perfect sole partner, from beautifully leather crafted flats, 2cm or 6cm heels or 6cm wedges or purchase several different styles and heights for an endless combination of shoes. Kuoco soles are black or tan leather, super comfortable and the high heeled versions are ultra glamorous.
All Kuoco soles are interchangeable with all straps and toe jewellery.
So come on sole sister, find your sole partner.


2. Strap yourself in…


Choose from a large range of straps that are perfect for any occasion. Try a range of straps for an endless combination of stylish footwear. Perfect for travel and multiple engagements on the same day, where you can mix and match your look for any occasion. Best of all, if you are travelling and need to pack a suitcase with oodles of options, you can. You can pack 20 pairs into 1 corner, giving you day, evening, night and beach wear with just a quick change of sole, strap and toe jewel. And without spending a fortune.


3. Add some bling.


We call them Toe Jewels, because well they are. Why should your fingers have all the fun? With such a diverse range of toe jewels to choose from to completely change the look of your footwear, you will never see someone wearing the same shoes as you. Whether it is crystals, feathers, stones or just simple styling to follow your mood, Kuoco has a jewel for every occasion.


One Shoe


Mix & Match


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2018 Kuoco Summer Bundles


Mix and match shoe soles, straps and buttons.
3 straps x 3 toe jewels = 9 combinations with one sole @ $18.70 per look based on the $169 Piper Package

Measure your feet

Concerned about which shoe size is correct for you? Download our A4 foot printouts to find the perfect fit for you. Our range caters to just about all foot shapes and sizes.

Perfect for the savy traveller

So you’re going on holiday and you want to pack shoes for several occasions, the beach, the resort, dinner date, nighclub, sightseeing etc. Which shoes do you take?
Kuoco of course. With endless combinations of straps and toe jewels you will need only one pair of shoes to design a new look for every day you are away. Day or night, at the beach or at the club, Kuoco offers one shoe with infinite possibilities.

Latest Shnews

“These shoes are amazing. The versatility and comfort is first rate and there is nothing else like it on the market. Love them!”

Bronwen Simmons, Customer

“I love this flexible accessory shoe and being able to design it to suit your outlook. Very classy”

Kay Zee, Customer

“Golden shoes to die for! Perfect for a wedding or honeymoon. Kuoco

Modern Wedding Magazine

“I could not believe how comfortable they are and just think of the suitcase space I will save when travelling – I love it!”

Katie Tweed, Missy Confidential